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  • Patented Technology since 2009
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  • Made In Germany
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Patented Technology since 2009
  • PayPal Buyer Protection
  • Award Winning Quality

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SkyWind NG Micro Wind Turbines

Patented Technology. World Class Quality.

What is SkyWind NG?

SkyWind is a patented micro wind turbine. It will power your home or charge your batteries with free energy from the wind - just like solar, only with wind. It´s that simple!

How does it work?

Our patented wind generator is installed wherever wind is available: On your roof, in your garden, on a pole. At just 1,5m or 4.6ft rotor diameter and 19kg or 42lb of weight the turbine is easy to install and operate.

Do you ship world wide?

Yes, we ship our SkyWind NG micro wind turbines around the world by DHL. Sign up for our newsletter for detailed information and a code for free world wide shipment: Newsletter.

Who will install it?

Your SkyWind NG micro wind turbine is installed by local handyman like electricians or solar installers. Special training or equipment is not required. A comprehensive manual is included in every delivery.

Which SkyWind NG should I choose?

We offer two versions of our SkyWind NG:

a) 230/110 V AC

This is the standard version, suitable for most customers. Just like a solar generator it comes with an AC inverter. The inverter is simply connected to your homes mains connection. As soon as there´s sufficient wind your electricity meter will turn slower or stop turning at all.

b) 12/24 V AC

This version of our turbine is used for many off-grid projects. The wind turbine includes a battery charger that connects to any standard 12 or 24 V battery set-up (Lead-Acid / Lead-Gel / AGM). Your batteries will be loaded with up to 30 Amps from wind.

Do I require batteries?

No, usually not. The standard 230/110 V AC version feeds its power straight into your houses electricity grid, saving money on your electricity bill.

But you can also choose our 12/24 V DC version to charge any standard lead-battery.

Is SkyWind compatible with solar batteries?

Yes, your 230/110 V AC SkyWind NG wind turbine can be coupled with most solar batteries like TESLA Powerwall, Sonnenbatterie, SMA or Victron. In fact about 40% of all SkyWind turbines in Germany operate with solar batteries.

Is SkyWind compatible with solar?

Yes, your SkyWind NG wind turbine can be used together with photovoltaics. Just like your PV the SkyWind ships with its own grid inverter that is connected to your home. In fact about 80% of all SkyWind turbines world wide operate together with solar.

Is a SkyWind NG loud?

Highly developed aerodynamics and a special coating on the rotor blades ensure a quiet operation (34 dB(A) @ 10 m/s in 25m). At the same time it prevents annoying light reflections. The suitability for residential areas has also been confirmed by TÜV-Nord with an extensive sound expert report. Listen for yourself on our Youtube channel: Youtbe.

Where can I find a local dealer?

Throughout Europe SkyWind NG turbines are available in the 200+ stores of the leading hardware store chain HORNBACH. SkyWind is also designed to easily ship by parcel service to customers world wide. Order online and we ship almost anywhere in the world. See where SkyWind are operating today: SkyWind Map

Is SkyWind proven?

SkyWind NG micro wind turbines are successfully operated in more than 100 countries around the world since 2013. Our patented all-metal technology has proven its robustness time and time again. From private homes to offshore oil rigs or scientific stations in extreme places like northern Canada. See our SkyWind Map.

Is SkyWind expensive?

No, but in contrast to most wind generators from China SkyWind is a full wind turbine system. A standard SkyWind NG includes essential components like independent braking systems, control computer, grid inverter, dumpload and more. All components are perfectly matched for an efficient and quiet power production for 20+ years. SkyWind is also proudly made in Germany, with important sub parts imported from trusted suppliers from the US and Suisse.

Can´t I just buy more solar?

Wind and solar are perfect partners for your energy supply. While solar is available mostly from spring to summer, wind usually peaks in autumn and winter with often more than 80% of total generation between September and March. It would be very inefficient to install large amounts of solar capacity for a few more Watts in winter, instead of a small wind turbine peaking its production during this time.