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  • Made In Germany
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Patented Technology since 2009
  • PayPal Buyer Protection
  • Award Winning Quality

SkyWind Micro Wind Turbines - Dependable Power

Affordable energy, generated by the force of the wind only - that´s the SkyWind NG. Manufactured entirely from aluminum and steel, it represents the most robust and powerful turbine of its size ever. Controlled by a state of the art inverter computer and two independent braking systems your SkyWind can be adjusted to generate the highest amount of energy at your site.

An Unmatched System

SkyWind NG micro wind turbines are designed and tested to deliver best possible performance for a given site. An inverter computer allows the operator to adjust power output, rotational speeds and efficiency. Additionally SkyWind NG turbines always ship with an effective, redundant storm control system that will stop the turbines rotation in case of a storm or a grid failure.

A DC version for 12 or 24 V battery charging is also available and provides dependable power for telecommunication equipment and scientific stations around the globe.

The turbine generates only very low noise emissions due to its outstanding aerodynamic performance. In fact it is so quiet its approved for use in German residential-only areas.

Check our TÜV noise certificate and make sure you have read our technical brochure

In 2018 the World Bank Group, in association with the Technical University of Denmark released the Global Wind Atlas - the worlds first accurate, free wind map. Just enter your address in the top left input line and click on your site to receive your annual wind speed.

Does It Work For Me?

Once the annual wind speed is known -for example by using the Global Wind Atlas- the annual average energy production can be determined using the turbines performance chart.

A single SkyWind NG turbine will usually generate some 100 to 1500 kWh per year, depending on the site. For comparison: 1 kWh is the amount of energy required to fully charge a large car battery.

Of course this example is just for illustration - your SkyWind will not need a battery. The generated energy is immediatly converted to 110/230 V and fed into your system via the computer controlled inverter included in the delivery.

The DC version will charge your batteries with up to 30 Amps.

Manufactured To Highest Standards

The SkyWind NG represents the single most awarded micro wind turbine in the world. In 2016 the unique SkyWind NG technology has also been awarded by SIEMENS Stiftung and is part of the SIEMENS empowering people network since.

Each SkyWind NG wind turbine is manufactured near Hanover, Germany to highest industry standards. Only after passing our rigorous testing routine a SkyWind turbine will leave our factory for delivery to projects world wide.

It is by the quality of our patented machines and the knowledge of our experienced engineers that SkyWind has become the leading supplier for professional projects around the world.

Power Supply - Telecommunication - Off Grid Power

Prepared For Easy Set-Up

SkyWind turbines are engineered for easy integration and installation with projects around the world. Designed for fast and simple forwarding by DHL/UPS parcel services a SkyWind turbine can be made accessible anywhere within just days. Make yourself familiar with the installation process today:

All parts of the SkyWind are well below 20kg in weight and will not require cranes or special equipment for installation. Any quantity of turbines can be set up together and combining them with solar, batteries or Diesel generators is no problem as well.

Dependable energy from wind - SkyWind Micro Wind Turbines!

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