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  • Made In Germany
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  • Patented Technology since 2009
  • PayPal Buyer Protection
  • Award Winning Quality

SkyWind NG Wind Turbine, 230/110 V

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Powerful, Compact, Durable #WindpowerForAll

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Affordable energy, generated by the force of the wind only - that´s the SkyWind NG. The first micro wind turbine tested under realistic conditions by independent measurement service provider Windtest Grevenbroich. Build entirely from aluminum and steel, it represents the most robust and powerful turbine of its size ever. The SkyWind is made in Germany and the United States by utilizing our unique and patented technology.

Your SkyWind delivery includes:

  • Rotor Blade, made of aircraft grade aluminum with anti-reflective coating RAL 7037
  • Nacelle incl. low voltage DC-generator with anti-reflective coating RAL 7016
  • Mast fitting for 60mm diameter tube RAL 7016
  • Custom 230/110 V grid inverter with on-board computer & display
  • Ceramic high current dump-load for overspeed control
  • Automatic storm control system with brake
  • Manual

Our technology is patented: United States Patent #US 2012/0177502 A1

Your turbine is usually installed by your local handyman and ready to go within hours. Production data and more information are available within the turbines computer. SkyWind is compatible with most solar battery systems like SMA Sunny Island, VICTRON, TESLA Powerwall, Sonnenbatterie etc.. Choose the worlds leading manufacturer of micro wind turbines!

The SkyWind NG is the very first micro wind turbine designed with the same passion and expertise currently known only from large scale megawatt turbines. The on-board computer with colour-display allows real-time monitoring of turbine performance and yield. Via the control computer the turbines performance can be optimized for any specific site.

SkyWind Quality

SkyWind micro wind turbines are high-tech machines. Every turbine is manufactured and inspected at our plant near Hanover, Germany to highest industry standards. Our automatic order processing will keep you updated on any news during the delivery process.

It is by our high quality standard that SkyWind NG micro wind turbines have made their way into projects anywhere around the planet. Today our technology powers anything from scientific stations in the Himalaya to telecommunication equipment in Canada or schools in Chile. See it in operation on Youtube.

Harness the power of the wind to generate green energy for your home or project! At up to 1000 W power while only 1.50 m in diameter and 19 kg in weight, the SkyWind NG is the perfect solution for your project.

From a start-up idea in 2009 to the market leader with thousands of systems installed every year. Since 2013, our SkyWind micro wind turbines have made wind energy available to everyone. Thanks to our patented all-metal technology with unique quality and proven robustness.

Today SkyWind NG turbines power appliances, telecommunication and homes all around the world. All components are prepared for quick installation and ship world wide by DHL parcel.

SkyWind NG is a class IV small wind turbine. 

Quality agreement according to § 434 I 1 BGB: Our SkyWind products are only suitable for installation and commissioning by qualified craft businesses. Operating instructions and installation instructions must be strictly obeyed. The actual product performance and operating properties with the customer depend on the products programming and power curve suitable for his location, which is set by the installation company. If necessary, official certifications, approvals, tests, certificates or other regulations for import, construction, installation, connection, activation or operation must be obtained or observed. The user is responsible for identifying relevant regulations and for complying with them. SkyWind Energy does not warrant any guarantees for the issuance of the same. In particular, the refusal or missing of such documents/certifications/authorizations does not represent a defect in the product. The installation and connection of SkyWind products must be carried out by qualified specialists (e.g. electricians, roofers, solar technicians) who are not mediated or commissioned by SkyWind. Problems or deficiencies can only be handled after a complete log book has been submitted. The buyer takes note of this with the conclusion of the purchase contract and agrees to these conditions.

Approximate Shipment Cost:

  • Within Germany: 45 EUR
  • Within Europe: 85 EUR
  • Worldwide: 250 EUR

HS Code: 85023100 Generating Sets Wind Powered

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